I recently completed my training for Dermaplaning and I LOVE it! I have personally received this treatment for years and can testify to the end results . . . smooth, healthy, bright, glowing skin! This is by far my favorite treatment for physical exfoliation that’s a quick service, painless and provides immediate results.

Dermaplaning is a very safe and effective physical exfoliation procedure. A sterile, surgical scalpel is used to gently “shave” the skin’s surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin. All the fine, “vellus hair” (peach fuzz) is removed. It takes approximately thirty minutes and is recommended to be performed on a monthly basis. Experienced Estheticians will include the nose when Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is only performed on the face and is unsuitable for removing “terminal hair”; therefore, it is not a suitable means of shaping the eyebrows.

Dermaplaning is the physical exfoliation which begins the regeneration process and allows for optimal product penetration into the skin. A chemical peel may also be performed post-Dermaplaning for enhanced skin renewal. Many people believe that vellus hairs will not grow back thicker and darker, as do terminal hairs, this has been proven to be a myth. You will be left with smooth, glowing and brighter skin!

Some of the key benefits of Dermaplaning include:

  • Helps exfoliate skin with broken capillaries, telangiectasia
  • Offers better results than traditional microdermabrasion
  • Little downtime
  • Skin is only slightly red and puffy right after the treatment
  • Can temporarily remove fine “peach fuzz” with ease
  • Performed just like shaving, except by a licensed professional!
  • Can be performed in conjunction with a chemical peel
Dermaplaning $99

Dermaplaning is highly recommended for clients with mature skin, as this skin type tends to have a greater buildup of dead cell due to slower cellular turnover that comes with age. Essentially all skin types would benefit from this procedure, from clients with dry or rough skin, acne scarring or an uneven skin tone to clients with oily or active acne. Pregnant and lactating women will find this a safe alternative to chemical peels, as chemical peels penetrate at the cellular level. People with very sensitive skin or Rosacea are not suitable candidates for this procedure. Dermaplaning is not designed for people with acne or those who experience frequent breakouts because it can trigger over activity of the sebaceous glands. In clients with acne, they need their vellus hairs to expunge the oil that typically builds up under the skin. If the vellus hairs are removed because of the Dermaplaning procedure, the individual may experience more breakouts and even more severe acne.

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